Monday, 27 July 2009

Spam From "Reputable" Sites

How come every time I order a dvd, cd, computer game, gig ticket or any other product or service online - even from "reputable" companies - there is always a box hidden somewhere way down the bottom of the page asking if you want them to bombard you with spam and/or sell your details to every company under the sun so they can spam you too?!

Always conveniently located a few inches below the bottom field on the form you are filling in so you don't notice it unless you scroll right down.

And do they ever word them straightforwardly as to whether you have to tick it to avoid spam or not tick it - or it's already ticked and you have to cancel it!?!? Do they bollocks! Feckers, the lot of 'em.

[x] Please do not fail to not uncheck this box if you agree that you do not want to not receive continuous abusive emails from Dewie featuring mainly swear words but also occasionally naked pictures of himself.

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