Monday, 27 July 2009

Album Review: Good Charlotte - Attempting To Be Vaguely Rebellious

Good Charlotte fall back into our ears with another squeal of an album released on their own “Twatchaff” label. Full of the sort of anthemic pop-punk that made us want to stab them repeatedly first time round.

It’s the sound of a teenage tearaway in mascara sitting on the toilet reading a book by Jello Biafra and really wanting to be him but actually smelling more like the big Westlife of a shit coming out of his pimply arse.

Songs like “Hey, Look At Me - I’m Different” and “I Hate The Fact That People Always Stare At Me Just Because I’m Different” are filled with the sort of genuine angst that takes at least three minutes to think up in their nice big houses in L.A. whilst being sucked off by tanned, bottle-blonde, silicon-breasted wannabes.

It’s an album so full of songs and sounds and ideas and melodies, yet so utterly, utterly empty of anything at all that all you want to do is cry until there’s nothing left of you but a pair of shoes and a small pile of dust.

If you thought punk was dead - you were wrong. Punk is alive and well and wearing make-up from Miss Selfridge. And self-harming in the toilets to get attention whilst reciting the lyrics to “Mad World” by Tears For Fears. Yes - Punk is definitely alive.

Someone please kill it before Henry Rollins comes to hurt us.

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