Friday, 1 October 2010

Second Extract From The Journal Of Gant Ericsson

It hit me very hard in the face. The Frisbee that is.

As I stood in the park enjoying the warm weather and admiring the delightful sight of two dogs fucking, I was knocked back as it whistled into my face cracking hard on the bridge of my nose.

I staggered back and felt blood began to trickle down onto my top lip. It was a bit like the time I pointed out to one of the doormen at a club in Worcester that, no, I wasn’t “looking for trouble” - I genuinely had slept with his mother once and paid for the privilege. I was merely commenting on the quality and value she provided and hoped he would pass on my regards as it was some years since I had seen her.

As the pain began to rise from my nose into my forehead I began laughing. I’m not sure why, but I laughed quite intensely.

I carried on laughing - harder and harder. The teenagers who owned the Frisbee had begun to approach me to retrieve their toy and check if I was alright, but as my laughter increased in volume they started to slowly back off.

And then I realised what I had done. Quite by accident of course. It wasn’t the laughter that caused them to back off.

Must remember to put my cock away before going to the park.

It could be misconstrued.

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