Friday, 1 October 2010

Pink Or Brown

We had an argument the other day as to what was the best colour.

Yes, we had been drinking and no, it wasn't actually a debate as to our favourite colour but a debate as to which colour reflects the largest number of things that are awesome.

An early nomination was pink: boobs, fannies, strawberry milkshake....erm - and that was about it.

I scoffed at the suggestion and went straight for brown.

Booze is brown. Yes - all the best booze is bronze, nutty or amber. Rich bourbon, fine cognac, peaty single malt whisky, real's all brown. Even Pimms is brown - which I know is a girl's drink and/or a toff's drink but it is quite nice with all that fruit and bits of nettles or whatever they put in it.

Chocolate is brown. That's a pretty heavy candidate for brown being the best colour right there.

Nuts are brown.

Leather is brown.

Mud is brown. The very earth that gives life to all plants and in turn to all living creatures is brown.

Coffee - oh sweet caffeinated boiling (well, ideally 90 degrees celsius and no hotter) nectar - how brown you are.

Tobacco - very brown and very lovely. Of course.

I could go on.

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