Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Best Records I Got Since Last Christmas

On the basis that approximately none people care, but I like making lists and am obsessive about music, I decided to do a top 20 albums for 2011. Rather than spending ages assessing comparative creative worth of different styles of music or agonising deeply over the relative merits of each, I simply put together a list of the 20 albums I played most frequently this past 12 months (in order of frequentlyness).

And then I added 5 more because I am incapable of being concise.

1. Turbid North - Orogeny
2. Machine Head - Unto The Locust
3. Anthrax - Worship Music
4. Fair To Midland - Arrows & Anchors
5. Alice Cooper - Welcome 2 My Nightmare
6. Vader - Welcome To The Morbid Reich
7. Cormorant - Dwellings
8. Vektor - Outer Isolation
9. Ana Kefr - Burial Tree
10. Skindred - Union Black

11. D-A-D - Dic.Nii.Lan.Daft.Erd.Ark

12. Devin Townsend Project - Deconstruction
13. While Heaven Wept - Fear Of Infinity
14. The Black Dahlia Murder - Ritual
15. Decapitated - Carnival Is Forever
Vomitory - Opus Mortis VIII
17. Benighted - Asylum Cave
18. Hammers Of Misfortune - 17th Street
19. Vallenfyre - A Fragile King
20. Opeth - Heritage

Special mentions:
Black Widow - Sleeping With Demons
Trivium - In Waves
Mastodon - The Hunter
Edguy - Age Of The Joker
Devin Townsend Project - Ghost

Someone will now remind me of a crucial album (that I have no doubt listened to loads) but have forgotten because I have done this list hurriedly and late at night.

Thank you for reading this. I am sorry you have wasted three minutes of your life.

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